“After many travels and trade shows over the years, my need for the perfect bag emerged with time. With all the care in the world, I made the decision to explore the art of handcraft and learn how to make the ideal bag. My objective was to create a classic, durable bag with both function and style. I wanted to make a bag that could be used for a long time and that would age well, accompanying its owner through countless stories; a bag that would last through many adventures in life and continue to gain character. So I found the best and most talented craftsmen to bring my idea to life, and this is how the signature diagonal collection was born. 

The artisans who make these pieces by hand draw experience from working with other large companies, creating stories that add to the elaboration of our products. These are the lines that unify design with expertise. These are the paths that cross between architecture and personal histories, allowing the bags to become part of new stories written through travel, work and experiences that shape each one differently. 

We hope you enjoy our products and the stories they represent as much as our brand appreciates being a part of your journey.”